El Ritual


Often it is not the word, but the acting process that let us understand deep in our souls.
Cutting-edge experiences shape our lives. Between birth and death we experience transformation and we move from one step to the other. Rituals let us experience this transition like walking across a bridge. Rituals train perception and reveal the unconscious. Rituals have a healing effect. They guid us from old life stages to new, trusting paths.
Ritual art is a formal, ceremonial and festive act with a high symbolic content, which runs according to predetermined rules. It is accompanied by certain word formulas and fixed gestures. An elaborate ceremonial (order) accompanies the preparation, the implementation and the final act of the installation.
The goal is not the finished work of art, but rather the repetitive performing act. This event is charged with a symbolic energy and is transformed into a routine, recurring process.
In this context, the philosopher Christoph Türcke describes rituals as structures of repetition and speaks of „coagulated, sedimented repetition


29° 00′ 29.4″ N 13° 32’ 13.2″ W
Lava bubble Lanzarote, Canary Island

Concept and Realisation: Sigrid Artmann und Alexander Friederich
Photography: Sabine Pelliroja
Support and Video: Chris Ernst, Montefuego TV