Thanks to a scholarship from the state of Baden-Württemberg, I was able to implement a long-cherished project. Combining music and calligraphy in one work.

7 artists made their compositions available to me for free interpretation. In keeping with my wishes, these are predominantly instrumental works, with spoken poetry providing the contrast.

Through music we find access to our innermost being, because music strengthens our emotional levels. Understanding (reading) a piece of music occurs through hearing, intuition and the heart. Music opens up further dimensions of our humanity. And: Music seems fleeting because it is created through the elements of sound and time. Barely heard, already gone. My composition, on the other hand, gives the musical work a lasting visual trace in addition to the audible soundtrack – and thus a visible additional dimension.

The graphic notation of 20th century music is very close to the visual arts. The American composer John Cage, for example, first showed his musical calligraphy in a New York gallery in 1958. These were notations of his compositions, which developed their own calligraphic aesthetic through his handwriting.

12 original works ‚SOUL – CALLIGRAPHIC NOTATIONS‘ as well as the unique book were included in the art collection of the Academy of Arts in Berlin. A knighthood! Thanks to the board of trustees.